Where Does the Spirit Go?

There are many answers to this question. In fact the answers can be as many as the stars in the Universe. For in essence each of us is body, mind and spirit, but it is the 'spirit' that is the constant part of us, of who we are as a living conscious entity. The spirit by any other name: Ghost in the Shell - Immortal Spiritual Being - Our Sentient Consciousness.

So much of humankind history is clouded with suspicion, fear of the unknown, or yet known as it should be phrased, that it is difficult to get a grip on the truth of exactly what is going on with that which is not a physical part of this body, this Biological Computer Suit, but most certainly is the "I" in "I" that is who we are in consciousness, who we converse with in our conscious thoughts. In a perfect Universe, upon the corporeal death of this body, our 'spirit' our sentient consciousness made up of pure energy and pure thought re-connects with the co-creative consciousness which in essence is the collective life force of all that lives and thinks and exclaims, " I think, therefore I am." All in an effort for the Universe to know itself though, alas, itself. Yes even for the Universe it is an INWARD journey...how is that for irony....more to come...

Cosmic GuyASCEND