"Victory Of The Light"

An intriguing Twitter account @KibBitzLaw or "victoryofthelight" continues to raise eyebrows across the disclosure community with a daily barrage of knowledge bombs. Created in 2009, the account's first follower was very curiously, Barack Obama himself. The owners claim to be a team of people with access to various insider contacts - although we can't attest to the reliability of every tweet, they have maintained overall impressive levels of accuracy and consistency. The account tweets about everything from UFO/ETI and human ascension to religious/political corruption both past and present - screenshots of texts and emails with alleged insiders are occasionally posted. The team behind the account claims to be in contact with Pleiadian guides and are apart of the COBRA resistance group which has loose ties to Corey Goode & David Wilcock. Given the lack of uncensored disclosure resources and several cases of online "anons" sharing intel that later proved true, considering all angles and looking for consistencies across various intel never hurts. There is a ton of information disseminated in over 4,000 tweets throughout the history of the account, and sometimes a single day of tweets rack up quite a bit - so it's a goldmine for those who enjoy a good disclosure dialogue feed.

An admittedly avid Star Wars fan myself, I always resonated with the ideals of the Force and the directives of the Jedi order, which transcend the simple fantasy of the story. I believe there is a lot to be said for the unknowns of the universe in relation to the Force - it represents the balance of nature, shared connections between all living things, and the binding karmic agendas of good and evil. The energy we put out as individuals (and thus a collective consciousness) truly affects our existence. Regardless of religion, positivity communicated through any form of thought (i.e. meditation, prayer) will absolutely contribute to your ideal reality. The geek in me really enjoys the fact that given the circumstances of this Twitter account, they chose to don the crest of the Jedi Order as their profile picture, and their bio is an inspirational excerpt on the Force. Happy reading my friends - stay vigilant, and may the Force be with you!