Neo Magazine Interview

Kelly Fanarioti of Neo Magazine interviews Lynn Miller
Interview transcript below. For the original publication in Greek, click here

Kelly: When did you first recognize that you have the gift of "reading" the future?

Lynn: When someone asks me what “I do” for work I tell them I am a Psychic Intuitive Medium. If I am out in public I will generally say I work in T.V/ Radio without going into specifics. In this field there are many that are skeptical and will “test” you and If I am out enjoying an evening with friends I try to avoid the usual questions… “ Tell me something”, “What are the lottery numbers” etc.. Unless I am drawn to someone I can sense If they will be open and may need guidance. In those instances I will share what I do….

Kelly: Have you had any formal training or instruction for your work?

Lynn: I have had this ability since as early as I can remember in my life. When I was about 5 or 6 I would have visions in dreams and they would come to fruition. They were always personal about myself and or my family. My first memory was having a dream my house caught on fire. I told my mother the next morning and that night went to bed and it was if someone was shaking me. I awoke and our house was on fire. I obviously didn’t understand it as a child. I thought this happened to everyone and when I learned it didn’t I never really talked about it. I felt isolated and different and honestly it frightened me quite a bit as a child. It wasn’t until I was age 20 and had a near death experience that my gift shifted in a miraculous way as well as my life. Instead of dreams I would see , hear and feel things around complete strangers. I would know their relatives names that had passed on .. I was specific about names, dates and things past, present and future… I see the “higher path” within people that they may not see. I help them choose the right direction to obtain what I refer to as a higher life path… I believe like anything in life some of us are naturally “gifted” in different areas and need no training. Prodigies that can play the piano and sing with no training. I believe the gift I have is a gift I was born with. I believe everyone can learn somewhat to tap into their own intuition. Just as anyone can learn music but it is a level that cannot be taught. I was born with this and to be honest I didn’t want to have this , in fact I did everything to avoid it when I was younger. I have learned today it is my “higher calling” and a blessing not a curse. It took me many years to embrace it and understand how my gift works in navigating the spiritual realm. Over the years I see the journey and the amazing work of the clients I have and the life transformations before my own eyes. I am only a guide, a messenger and today I am extremely grateful to be able to do what I do.

Kelly: What is your intention or motivation for doing this work?

Lynn: I am motivated today through my clients and the amazing stories and transformations I see daily. I am also motivated to bring awareness to the “stigma’ that those of us that are legitimate face within an industry of misunderstanding. I believe that I will continue to do this through Media via Radio and TV. I want people to understand the true value of healers and not the false reputation many of us hear about. That which is misunderstood can lead to fear. There is only positivity in what I do and awareness.

Kelly: Are you able to turn off your psychic ability when you want to? Is it like turning off your cell phone to get some peace and quiet like when you're having a dinner?

Lynn: I am asked a lot “ can you turn it off and on”. My work is not just my work it is who I am so it is with me 24/7. I have learned over the years how to manipulate it so it doesn’t interfere or I am not as “tuned in”. If you can imagine being in a room and the radio is playing in the back round. You are aware it is on but you aren’t really listening. If my guides want me to relay a message when I am around someone believe me they turn the radio up!! It is not as overwhelming as it was in my younger years thank god. It took years of practice and learning how my gift works.

Kelly: Why do you believe that the dead want to connect with us?

Lynn: I believe in all my readings I am communicating with someone on the other side. This is why I am first and foremost a Medium. With that I relay all information past, present and future. I will get loved one’s names and terminology they use or sometimes even in other dialects. I believe even though the body passes the spirit remains and loved ones are always there. I believe they want to guide us from the other side. Sometimes for closure and other times to help us along our path.

Kelly: What is your view of the afterlife?

Lynn: Even doing what I do I do not have all the answers and believe me especially with what I do I have contemplated it over and over to the point of exhaustion. Obviously I have seen the other side and with my near death I experienced it for a brief moment in time. I do not think my guides want me to know the exact specifics and they have communicated this with me. Perhaps this is to protect us that are here and living. I can tell you that it was an extremely peaceful place that felt euphoric and nothing you feel on earth can compare. Perhaps this is part of the reason they do not want to share the level of happiness over there because life here can be difficult and we are meant to have trials and tribulations here. A karmic journey if you will - and If we knew the true feeling and bliss it would be too enticing for those of us struggling here…I do believe it is more complex they we would imagine that the journey continues on many levels and life doesn’t end per say. I believe in the journey of the soul and that some of us will come back incarnated on earth to continue our journey in this realm. I also think there may be higher levels of soul paths after earth. Complicated to say the least and every religion has various views about this which I find very interesting to study.

Kelly: Some people tend to underestimate the capable of "reading" the future. What are your thoughts about this?

Lynn: Many will always be skeptical of the power of prophecies. The ironic part that I tell my clients is the most important thing to remember is the present moment because that is truly all we have. So when people come to me the first thing we do is work on removing what I refer to as “blocks” from the past. Repeating cycles of past hurt or regret , anger or anything that is unresolved. If you are stuck in the past, you miss the present. The same goes for worrying about the future so much. Living in any kind of fear only lowers are vibration and in turn attracts what we fear into manifesting. Our future has many paths as we have many choices so If we make decisions based on love and not fear and follow our true path of that which brings us joy and spiritual fulfillment the universe provides what we need to lead us towards the right path. A True Psychic and Medium is able to tap into the past, present and future. Like any other profession some are better than others. Some can only see glimpses of future events but If the client doesn’t remove what they are stuck in the past with they may never be aware of what is coming and it bypasses there awareness. This is the misnomer when some people go to a psychic and say “well she saw this happening or that and it didn’t” I may see the same thing but also see what the client isn’t doing to bring that event in.. It isn’t that the other psychic was “wrong” it is just again the different abilities or those of us in this field.. And there are just phonies that take advantage of peoples need for answers. That really upsets me but again you can have that in any business .That is why it is important to know who you are going to and how they work and their reputation!

Kelly: In Greece we are in a very difficult economic situation and this destroys the communication among the couples. Could you give some clear tips to our people in order to keep alive their relationship or marriage during this difficult period?

Lynn: Regarding the economic situation in Greece: times of financial insecurities can not only sociologically bring fear and angst around abundantly but also personal relationships can fail. Again fear is a causing factor. Not knowing the outcome can be frightening. How are we going to survive? If you look at regions of lower economic means across the globe you will easily see the level of violence increases as well as the divorce rate, drugs, depression etc…During a time like this it is crucial to hold onto faith and love and remember “this too shall pass” It is a spiritual awakening for not only the Country but individuals and couples. My advice is to those of you that are not struggling as much help those around you in need. Always stepping out of yourself to give to someone else helps them and fulfills you spiritually. As couples do this together. Remember to bond and emotionally support each other, encourage one another. Help a neighbor. Pass it forward. If everyone does this imagine the situation and how much of it could be alleviated. Everything starts with the individual and individual responsibility and when we do this it creates an energy for the mass. This could help shift the situation in Greece, however not an easy task. When times get to a level of desperation we only have two choices rise above it or go down with it. It is survival mode. Faith is important and as tough as it is positive outlook. I do believe that the situation in Greece is a major awakening for all of Europe and surrounding Countries and by the end of this year some new resolutions will come into play. I do not believe it is just about Greece there are issues within surrounding Countries and their responsibility in helping shift the economic situation a domino effect. I do see some positive news coming around October and a shift happening...other countries will have to step in and give more aid - it is a larger picture and a lesson for future Government. I wish the best for Greece and will continue to send love and light and good thoughts!