The Power of Intent & Self-Manifestation

Hi everyone! Let me start by saying that I believe we all have some intuitive awareness. Some are more in tune with it than others and I believe it is a part of us we can learn to utilize given meditation techniques and various other ways to bring us to an area of subconscious "tapping into" of what is around us on a daily basis! Let's face it - life gets very draining and for the most part we are somewhat on auto-pilot, not fully aware of everything around us, just going through the motions. I believe in vibrational levels that we live and experience through everyday life. With these we attract "like" forces around us...and without even being aware, we are in essence creating our path every day. The law of attraction is key to what we omit into the universe being either a "negative" or "positive" vibration. Once we learn how to recognize what these levels are for ourselves we can then learn how to attract what it is we desire in life. Intuition is simply being in tune with these vibrations, as they control what we manifest. Choices we make, living to one's fullest potential, and our mindset on what that means (including how we visualize our future being) all contribute to this. I find the best time to "tap in" to these vibrations is during the state between waking up and sleep: think of it a a button you want to set for the day ahead. How do you see things playing out for yourself? What do you imagine will be presented to you in the coming hours? I believe we have the power to manifest almost anything we truly desire if the vibrational intent is set high enough. The energy we have as humans and our capacity to create is really astonishing once recognized!!! Think of young children - their energy is beyond what most of us as adults have. Simply put, they live in the present moment and have a very high vibrational force. In other words children have not learned what we as adults have: fear, worry, and preoccupation with things to come. These are all negative vibrations which in essence self manifest that which we hope to deter...these are parts we need to "unlearn" in order to raise our awareness and manifest a better path for ourselves. I hope this brief article helps anyone seeking to better themselves and the circumstances around them! I will be writing more on this subject in the coming weeks and I look forward to your comments. Remember to keep manifesting brilliance in your life!!