The New Age

In life we all possess various abilities. Most children are born with intuitive capabilities. When we incarnate we come in on a higher vibrational level allowing certain abilities to surface. This is often seen in children of a young age. The zest for life, curiosity and fascination with the most simple things. As we get older these capabilities are often toned done due to consistent outer forces. In other words we become somewhat desensitized .... Throughout our life this pattern continues.

I believe there is a spiritual awakening and awareness coming to the masses I have noticed this even more in the last 10 years. An acceptance if you will....As a parent it is crucial to help your child embrace the gift and make them feel that it is okay and not something "strange" or"unacceptable". Our society at large has greatly contributed to how we perceive this gift and luckily that perception has shifted greatly over the last 10 years...Our brain is capable of so much more ,yet we don't teach proper usage instead technology has only served to suppress some of our natural abilities.It will be interesting to read future studies on how technology effect the use of our brain in the future and the evolution of how our future generations adapt....When we become more dependent on a device rather than our own intellect it starts to negate using that part of our brain.What happened to the days when children played outside and connected with nature and others lol? I fear that this new evolution will develop into a different form of communication amongst each other. This is a new age and time that we are living in. We must maintain our spiritual growth by connecting with others on a deeper level. There is a paradox if you will with technology expanding at a rapid pace and a greater acceptance of those that are "gifted" yet the suppression of being able to utilize these gifts is now on a larger scale.

My advice? Parents, teachers and all well informed - it is up to us to help the next generation flourish. I see far too many children losing social skills and engrossed in another world sort of "tuned out" ... Limit their use of computers, cell phones,TV etc there is a time and place for this learning and because it is easy to let them just do their thing. An instant "babysitter" if you will it does nothing to enhance any gifts they may have...OK let me rephrase that. Yes, they may be the next best Steve Jobs or Bill Gates ....but they also could be the next best soccer pro, artist, or dancer....I predict someday in the future there will be a huge crash of technology and we will be put to a different test and task. Lets not become non self-sufficient..and forget basic skill sets!!

-Lynn Miller Psychic