Audible Healing

As with everything else about this site, you will find here a new realm for your 'self' to wander. Sound is more than just your favorite song playing on the radio or in your earbuds on your MP3 player. Sounds have many levels of comprehension if you are ready to allow yourself the luxury of considering them. Sound is soothing, music is soothing - or music can be arousing, even painful, or - well - you get the idea; but did you know sound can be healing? Yes, healing. Right down to our very souls.

Sound contains frequencies like the ones you are familiar with, such as bass, and treble. Volume and balance. Frequencies are like audio keys - each fits a certain lock of consciousness and some are more effective than others. Many studies continue to be done on the unknown power of frequencies; meditation is about frequencies as well. It is proven scientifically that when a human is in a meditative state, the frequencies registered in their brain change. You may have heard the terms alpha or beta waves in relation to your brain. As it would turn out, there are many more frequencies that resonate with certain emotions. For example, 528 megahertz is scientifically considered the "Frequency of Love".

The audio/video below is a great example of meditation 'music'. On one level, you have the sounds you hear up front - your brain is also hearing embedded frequencies for specific mental and emotional states. Enjoy :)