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Hello there, your Cosmic Guy here to let you in on a 'message' I posted on a site dedicated to the 'Resistance Movement' against the cabal, the badguys, you know who. Everyone is talking talking talking, getting together for kumbaya moments at a $1000 a pop to attend those "getting fat off disclosure" tours going around like traveling circuses of old...

Here is the page/site I posted the following message for your own disclosure due-diligence. 

Ugh…how to begin…fellow ISBE’s I am here to leave my 2.5 cents worth (before taxes) to introduce you all to something called ‘action’. You see I am old school in disclosure, and at 58 no spring chicken….I have spent my entire life even as a young kid knowing things were insane and the Star Trek world is where I needed to be.

All these years later, music and technology careers behind me, all I do is disclosure via an internet radio show every night…but I am not here to huckster like so many in this disclosure field are doing.

Action.  From my, again ‘old school’ ßschool spelled correctly – perspective nothing of consequence ever takes place in this existence without action. Talk, and seminars and kumbaya moments are needed and necessary, but so is action. Too many preaching to the choir and not getting anything done to awaken the sheeple that will never show up at one of these “getting fat off disclosure” tours that can cost the average ISBE over $1000.00 to attend for a a couple days. Really?

I for one have picked suppressed “food replicator” technology for my ISBE action plan, for as I mentioned before I’ve been successful in my fields of endeavor, but once I got too old and too experienced to find a tech job again I found myself homeless and fending for my survival for a time.

Thank God It’s Fridge Fridays TGIFF – This is my action plan. All those years I was in the matrix ‘married with children’ working all those cubicle jobs, every place had that employee lunchroom with the employee fridge with the sign that still says, “if it’s in here on Friday it gets thrown out, container and all”

My research for the national math on this collosal waste of food that can’t be recycled, found that hundreds of tons of mostly edible food is thrown out, containers and all, every Friday by companies small, medium and large across this fruited plain.  – and with equal irony -

The weekend is when most homeless have to go to plan “B” because most facilities offering food are closed on the weekend. Do the research yourself. This is true in every city that relies on government institutions to do anything, no work on weekends. Just churches and private caring people.

I have a little sign I have begun taping onto those same employee lunchroom fridges that states the following with a smiley face:

-Hundreds of Tons mostly edible food is thrown out nationally every Friday afternoon.

-Most places providing food during the week are closed on the weekends.

-Please when you clean out this fridge, think of our homeless and less fortunate and

 bring in A one or two NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS to be collected each Friday afternoon and distributed to the churches and private food distribution entities overloaded by this short-sighted extra burden.

Our less fortunate will be shouting “Thank God It’s Fridge Fridays” all because of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

…now comes the REAL ACTION FOR DISCLOSURE – something sorely missing in the present public disclosure arena. This TGIFF concept will catch on because of playing the guilt of all that wasted food that can help no one, with the desire to do something for those in need at a time of the week when it’s the biggest challenge to do something so basic as eating.

I will attach it to my radio show. I will slowly and in the trenches get the word out to all these people getting  fed because of the TGIFF program, and I and people like me “action ISBE’s” educate them on one thing. Suppressed Food Replication Technology, get them PISSED OFF, and get them ORGANIZED, the homeless are not just drug addicts, alcoholics and ne’er do-wells. They are people just like you and I being affected by disclosure on a level most of ‘you’ have not taken the time to contemplate. No matter.

Success of this endeavor is defined by my vision of hundreds of thousands of “Displaced Humans” gather on the Lincoln steps in unWashington and peacefully protest holding picket signs saying,

Release Food Replicator Technology Mr. Trump Now!”

This is what it is going to take to affect real change and disclosure on a level that those ingrates withholding this and much more from us; keeping us from the Star Trek world many of us deserve. Not gatherings of the flock, preaching to the disclosure choir. Those days are over, you got those numbers and they are not gonna change too very much from here on out without being able to compete with the onslaught MSM attack that is only going to get worse as the human trafficking on and off world and pedophile rings and their real horridness keeps oozing little by little…not nearly fast enough to keep up with the retribution of the ‘badguys’. You ALL should know that, especially Mr. Cobra. Nothing in human existence has ever been changed for the better without – well…you know. It is the cold hard reality of existing in the Yin/Yang Consumption Universe.

 I thank anyone who actually took the time to read this, and I reiterate action is the only thing that works with stubborn, afraid pre-programmed BCS’s- Biological Computer Suits. :c) humans.

I hail the “RM” for all that is happening on a level us regular in the trenches ISBE’s may not see, but that’s not enough. I hear all this “chanting” about mass meditations and ethereal weapons and I am a believer. The co-creative consciousness is our salvation if we can ‘consistently’ learn how to use it individually and as a group for light and love. Until then the bad guys may be defeated on a level you and I are only seeing in ‘eeks’, but they are not going away quietly into the night. Las Vegas didn’t happen at the same time the ‘Harvey the Larvae’ story broke by coincidence  and we here all know that and that much more is coming.

The people ARE the power. We in the disclosure initiative need to up our game and gather the masses no one is paying attention to, the Homeless, the needy. While everyone else seems to be so concerned with the immigrant problem, and when NK will attempt to start WW3, as usual we are ignoring our own people’s biggest problem. Non-disclosure of technologies that will change this world forever.

I shall continue to manifest “ TGIFF”  Thank God It’s Fridge Fridays – and organize these masses and somehow someway get a huge number of them to the Lincoln Monument. I hold no patent or legal anything with this concept nor do I care about such things. Start your own TGIFF in your town or city…Every business owner I pitched the idea to was enthusiastic. For some it was more awareness of cleaning out the fridge on Fridays. Lol – whatever works right?

“Release Food Replicator Technology Mr. Trump Now!

Regards, and onward through the fog.

Guy “Cosmic Guy” Partin

Disclosure In The Desert

Of Service To Others (with ACTION!) :c)