Your Cosmic Guy is on the verge of reaching 20 minutes of Sun Eating


howdy fellow isbe'S - Although I am still with family in torrance, ca i am CONTINUING my sungazing of course, sometimes getting a double dose in the morning and evening. i will reach 20 minutes by wednesday or THURSDAY depending on cloud cover. almost half way to 45 minutes. 


this pic was taken around the time i was just getting to 10 minutes of staring into the sun like a damned fool..........not.......... :)

resources for you concerning sungazing

first i did the first google search on the term sun gazing for you HERE.

second i have a few of those links highlighted based on my own research, but i encourage you to do your own independent research before making a decision to take up sungazing. it is a deep commitment. 

Interesting huh? More like incredible! We can be superbeings again!

SungazingCosmic Guy